Weight Loss Survey

What is your main motivation for losing weight?
I have a supplement plan designed by my doctor based on my lab results and weight loss needs
I have had my prescription medications reviewed to see if any of them are preventing weight loss
I have a personalized professional fitness plan, including strength and cardio, designed for me by a fit and qualified trainer
I have a professional nutrition plan based on my BMR (basal metabolic rate) and activity level
I have a recent detailed body composition study and know my body fat percent and metabolic rate
I have had my labs drawn in the last three months to determine if there is any hormonal imbalance related to my weight gain
Most of the meals I eat are...
Do you suffer from food allergy symptoms such as bloating or gas?
Do you wish to have food allergy testing to evaluate this further?
What area of weight loss do you need the most help with?
The following best describes my options for exercise
How much weight do you want to lose?
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