Male Hormone Profile Test

If you answer yes to 2 or more of these questions, schedule with a provider to be tested for low testosterone.

Have you noticed a decrease in your strength and endurance?
Despite diet/exercise, are you unable to burn fat or add muscle?
Have you noticed a loss of muscle mass and definition?
Have you noticed increased fat in your belly or chest ("man boobs")?
Are you losing confidence or finding it hard to get motivated?
Are you finding it harder to enjoy life (losing your sense of "well-being")?
Have you noticed a decrease in your libido ("sex-drive")?
Are your erections less strong?
Are you having less frequent morning erections?
Are you getting sleepy after dinner/earlier in the day?
Do you feel like you've lost your "mojo" or zest for life?
Are you feeling increasingly irritable or emotional?
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