Female Hormone Profile Test

Aging is a process that cannot be avoided, however how we age can! When hormone levels are unbalanced they can wreak havoc in your body and prevent you from living a better quality of life.

Take this test and find out if hormone therapy is right for you.

Are you experiencing fatigue or a loss of stamina?
Do you "crash" in the afternoons and feel really tired after work?
Do you feel cold during the day, especially your hands and feet?
Despite diet/exercise, are you unable to burn fat or add muscle?
Do you have night sweats or episodes of feeling warm at night?
Is sex becoming uncomfortable or undesirable?
Have you noticed dry skin or brittle hair?
Are you noticing increased body fat, especially in your belly?
Do you feel like you're losing your confidence?
Are you noticing more wrinkles and thinner skin?
Are you not feeling refreshed even after a full night of sleep?
Are you experiencing hot flashes?
Are episodes of stress or sadness becoming more common?
Are you experiencing more anxiety, especially when you wake up?
Are you experiencing mood swings or feeling more irritable?
Are you losing interest in sex?
Are you having trouble experiencing satisfying orgasms?
Are you having difficulty adding lean muscle mass?
Are you finding it harder to enjoy life (losing your self of "well-being")?
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